The SHAPE team of rehabilitation specialists uses a variety of exercise modalities, including pilates, yoga, functional training, stability ball core training and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation exercises to focus on strengthening and/or relaxing the pelvic floor muscles.

The program is based on a slow and steady development, isolating the pelvic floor muscles to gain a strong core and build strength within the pelvic floor. The goal is to progress to functional movement patterns such as squats, lunges, lifting, pushing and pulling which allow you to move pain free throughout all your daily activities. After a detailed assessment and physical examination of your pelvic area (both external and internal), the female physiotherapist will perform a variety of techniques to best address your dysfunction.

This may include such lifestyle modifications such as changes in voiding patterns, stress and relaxation behaviors, or even dietary changes. The therapist will also perform manual therapy techniques on the surface of the pelvic floor muscles that will either aid in relaxing (for hypertonic muscles) or strengthening (for hypotonic muscles) the surrounding muscles.

A comprehensive home exercise program will also be created for each individual to complement the work done by the physiotherapist during treatment.
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